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Strengthening our legacy for future generations of thrival.

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Gunalchéesh haat yee.aadí.

Thank you for coming here.

The Latínx’i Coalition, previously known as the Yaakwdáat Latínx’i Coalition, was formed in 2022 to address the immediate need to protect our Yaakwdáat Ancestral Homelands.

In 2023, the Yaakwdáat Latínx’i Coalition was successful in a legal election that seated 9 new Board Directors to the Yakutat Village Corporation. The previous Board had formed a Timber subsidiary and continued to harvest timber from culturally and environmentally significant areas despite protests from Shareholders, the local and regional Tribal Government, and Community Members and Businesses  resulting in millions of dollars in defaulted loans.

In 2024, the Coalition has expanded to include Southeast Alaska. Our mission and vision remain very similar, with one key change: we are focusing our changemaking efforts to achieve long term results for our incredible communities. 

For a thorough overview of the Coalition's role in holding the Yakutat Village Corporation accountable, please refer to this summary:

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Previous Mission: Our mission is to empower our village corporation by promoting Indigenous values and principles of responsible and ethical leadership, to ensure it operates at its highest potential.

2024 Mission: Strengthening our legacy for future generations of thrival.

The Latínx’i Coalition empowers our Tlingit communities through truth, healing and transformation by preparing our next generation of leaders to transform our social and economic systems by centering our Indigenous knowledge, values and Ways of Being. Our Indigenous existence is not just to survive - we will thrive.

Previous Vision: Our vision is to establish our village corporation as a trusted and respected driver of Indigenous-led values and business, focused on creating lasting benefits for our shareholders and community that operates with transparency, accountability, and responsibility. 

2024 Vision: "We were here before. We are still here. We will remain long after."

Our roots run deep and our resiliency ensures that we will remain long after all else has faded. We will thrive again.


Values: The Coalition is committed to upholding our Tlingit heritage and traditional values of sharing, respect, cooperation, and intergenerational stewardship of our land. These values are the foundation for providing a strong and prosperous future for haa dachxán — our grandchildren, the ones who will come after us.

Our Guiding Principle is the knowledge that that we are only the caretakers of our Ancestral Homelands, Culture and Traditions. These things belong to haa dachxán the ones who will come after us.


Gunalchéesh for supporting the Latínx'i Coalition.

Tongass National Forest, Yakutat, Alaska.jpg


Yaakwdáat Latínx'i Coalition news.

PRESS RELEASE September 22, 2023

PRESS RELEASE August 29, 2023


NEWS ARTICLE by Angela Denning


27 October 2023

Congratulations to the Yak-tat Kwaan Shareholders! For all who stood up and used your voice and shares to vote at the September 23, 2023 meeting - THIS WIN IS FOR YOU! Much gratitude and congratulations to the Yak-tat Kwaan Shareholders for taking your corporation back.


Order confirming the election of Nine Directors of Yak-Tat Kwaan, Inc. at Shareholder Meeting on September 23, 2023, so ordered by Superior Court Judge Larua Hartz on this day, October 27, 2023 at Anchorage, Alaska.

"III. Conclusion: ...A quorum was present and established at the meeting on September 23, 2023. The shareholders elected nine directors at the meeting. The Court finds it was appropriate for shareholders to conduct business at the court-ordered meeting because it was properly noticed and a quorum was present."

The court finds it was appropriate for shareholders to conduct business at the court-ordered meeting because it was properly noticed and a quorum was present. Shareholders, you made the right decision by calling the meeting to order. Congratulations!

Here is a copy of the court order issued by the State of Alaska Superior Court.



Our biggest changemaking partners.


Defend Yakutat brings attention to the most crucial information affecting our Ancestral Homelands.

We are proud to be part of the Community Affiliate Program hosted by Native Movement, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Community Affiliates and other underfunded key organizations and groups.

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